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Brown Heroin


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Brown Heroin for sale

Brown heroin is typically sourced from Southeast Asia, has a light brown to dark brown color, is odorless, and is used in the United States because it is cheap and easily accessible.

The color of heroin can vary depending on where it is sourced from and its purity. Heroin can come in three forms, brown powder, black tar, and white powder. White heroin is the purest and most expensive. Black is the least pure and least expensive. Brown heroin is somewhere in the middle for cost and purity which makes it the most desirable for many people looking to abuse the drug. Black and white heroin are typically sourced from Mexico and Southeast Asia. This drug can come from any of the source regions but typically is from Southwest Asia. Common street names for brown heroin are, Mexican mud, and dirt.

It is the result of the first stage of purification of impure diacetylmorphine. And is easier to produce than white heroin and burns at a lower temperature, making it easier to smoke. However, it requires the addition of an acid (either citric or ascorbic) to become soluble in water.

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